Aetertek AT-216S 1 Dog Remote Trainer Training Shock Collar

Aetertek AT-216S 1 Dog Remote Trainer Training Shock Collar

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Aetertek 216S-350W for 1 dog training shock collar. Our high quality Aetertek 216 Series remote dog training system includes 7 levels of shock, 1 vibration and 1 sound to make it easy for you to find the correct level which works best for your dog. Receiver is lightweight with range of up to 400 yards which makes it great for any outdoor training. It can be used for many different training purposes, such as barking, digging, jumping on people, running away, chewing or any other bad habits. Aetertek 216 series is very effective and economic training device that works well at home and outdoors.

Aetertek 216S series features:
Very simple to use.
Can be used for up to 3 dogs.(Extra collar needed for 2 or 3 dogs system).
1 warning sound, 1 vibration and 7 levels of progressive shock.
Can be used as pulse correction or continuous correction. Continuous correction means the correction will be issued as long as you press and hold the button.
Rechargeable and water-proof receiver collar with long and short prongs for all coat types.
Solid remote range of up to 400 yards and signal can pass through walls and fences.
Suitable for dogs from 15 to 150 pounds.
1 year warranty.

Package contents:
Aetertek Transmitter(9-volt battery included)
1 rechargeable and submersible receiver
1 PVC strap adjustable from 12 to 26 inches long.
Test bulb
Long and short contact points
User manual


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